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Daniel Raghu is a photographer, cinematographer, and editor based in India. He…Nope! I can’t keep that third person going.

I grew up at the foothills of the Himalayas towards the north-east of India in a little (not so little anymore) village called Salbari. That was the place that inspired me to get into photography. The amazing sunrises and sunsets coupled with the beauty of the forests, the fields, and the mountains, as well as the flora and fauna that thrived there made me want to help others the beauty of creation. I tried my hand at drawing and painting, which didn’t quite work out even remotely as well as I could have hoped. So, what started off with a simple documentation of the wildlife and the natural beauty of the place quickly grew to being more intentional as I fell in love with the art of photography.

While my creative journey began as a photographer, I began experimenting with different techniques as well as other media and tools. Photography drew me into video production, first as a cinematographer, then as an editor, and then into directing and writing, and into designing.

I think of myself more as a content creator than a photographer, in the strictest sense of the word, (no offence photographers) and, over the last four years, I’ve had the privilege of working across numerous departments in various fields – from graphic designing to landscape photography; from feature and short films to documentaries.

God has created an amazing world, filled with beauty and stories just waiting to be told. I aim to tell those stories.

Oh! I still can’t draw or paint…just saying!

I thought of going with “visual storyteller” as my tagline but that kinda leaves the writing out, doesn’t it?

Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoy your stay and come back for more.

You can read more snippets about me, my journey and process over on the blog.
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