It’s now time for me to say goodbye. To bid farewell to everything and everyone I’ve known my entire life along with the place I’ve called home ever since I was born and move away.

Just writing that makes me tear up but life isn’t always easy and you’ve got to make tough choices and decisions to progress and this is probably the toughest thing I’ll ever have to do. It still hasn’t struck me fully yet but it’s slowly sinking in.

Today’s picture is special which is why I thought I’d share it even though it’s an old one and you’ve probably seen it before.

This is one of the very first pictures I took of Salbari with my house in the distance when I was just getting serious with photography. It reminds of a much simpler and beautiful time. It reminds me of what this place was and this is how I want to remember Salbari. I don’t want to remember it for what it is today. There was a time it actually had it’s own character. As soon as you saw a picture you’d know it was Salbari but today it’s just like any other place. It’s lost. It’s gone. It’s no longer what it once was and that’s so sad. Which is why it’s probably for the best that I leave now so that this new grotesque image isn’t permanently seared in my mind. The people here have changed too. Just today I witnessed three boys hunt a garden lizard down and kill it just for fun. I caught them on Snapchat so you can see these idiots on my Snapchat. That showed me that people here have lost something. We were all once so close to nature and lived among some beautiful and amazing creatures but they’ve all slowly disappeared or have been killed and driven out. That’s just so sad.

More than the place itself, I’m going to miss some people. There have been certain individuals who’ve meant a lot and still do. They’re the ones I’ll miss most of all and telling them goodbye is what’s been really difficult because I don’t even know if I’ll ever get to meet some of them again. But hey! Here’s to bigger and better things, right? God has helped me thus far and I know He’ll continue to help me.

To all of you reading this – I cannot thank you enough! You mean a lot and I’m really grateful that you’re following my work.

Also this view no longer exists. It’s been blocked by hideously designed matchbox houses.