Exams are always a pain, especially when you’re give the timetable just one week ahead and then you scramble for your books and barely manage to finish the syllabus the night before.

Sometimes in life nothing seems to be work out no matter what you try or how hard you work. I know this is something I’ve said before but it’s exactly how I’ve felt for the past few weeks/months. However, ever so often I’m reminded of God’s love and grace. Ever so often there are little things that remind me of how beautiful life is and keep me carrying on.

Someone called me a tree-hugger before as a joke but I think that might be true to a certain extent. The world around me fascinates me and God’s creation is just amazing! Today’s picture is another reminder of that. We were returning home after a rather not-so-exciting trip to the hills and the driver suggested we make one last stop before the final leg of the journey.

After much deliberation we agreed and I’m so glad that we made this stop to take in the view. The sunset did look amazing as we were travelling but I’d never seen this view before. The previous times I’d been here had been really cloudy and you could barely see a few meters ahead of you so this view was stunning to say the least and I hope the picture does it justice.

Things might not always be going the way you want to go or how you want them to be but you’ve always got to remember that clouds move and eventually they part enough to let the sun shine through and when it does you realise that it’s going to be OK because at the end of the day you have a God who loves you and cares about you and only wants what’s best for you.

Now I should start studying to tomorrow’s paper and stop boring the few of you who actually take time to read my blog. Thank you guys! 🙂